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I will replace my EliteBook Laptop for the Surface Pro 3 I7 512GB to manage the #HybridCloud ! #Surface #Mobility

Surface Pro 3Surface pro 3 8GB – I7 – 512GB

I’m changing my EliteBook 8740W Mobile Workstation because Microsoft made this New Surface Pro 3 I7 512GB Tablet which can replace my Laptop to manage HybridCloud Datacenters.
I see a lot of benefits for me like :

  • The weight of my EliteBook is 4000 Gram and the Surface Pro 3 weights 800 gram.
  • Mobility is for me important and the battery of my EliteBook keeps me Online for 30 minutes which is too short.
  • When you are in a meeting, It’s really handy to make notes with the pen in OneNote.

Here you see the specifications of the Surface Pro 3 :


Surface Pro 3 Specs

Surface penWrite real natural on your Surface Pro 3

Keyboard CoverKeyboard Cover of the Surface Pro 3

Docking stationThe Dockingstation is important for me at work for Datacenter Administration.

Here you can choose your own Microsoft Surface Pro 3 model