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Do your #SQL Assessment with Microsoft OMS before your New Project Starts in Production #MSOMS

OMS Dashboard

Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) Dashboard Online

Lot of Enterprise Organizations do New Microsoft Projects on-premises in Datacenters installed by the IT Department or by external third party with a
Microsoft SQL instance solution configured. Before your New project is going into production for your customers, It’s very good to do a
Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) SQL Assessment to see if your SQL Solution is installed and Configured well.

If you don’t have a Microsoft Operations Management Suite Plan, you can get one here

OMS Ebook

Installing MSOMS agents on your SQL Servers or get connected with SCOM first with this Free E-Book

SQL Assessment solution

When you Login to OMS, you have to add the SQL Assessment Solution

When the SQL Assessment Solution is activated, It can take a while because the assessment has to collect data of the SQL settings.

When It’s finished collecting data you will see this on your MSOMS Dashboard :


Click on the SQL Assessment here

SQL Assessment dash

Here you see the SQL Assessment Dashboard

It does SQL Assessments on the following topics :

  • Security and Compliance
  • Availability and Business Continuity
  • Performance and Scalability
    Upgrade, Migration and Deployment
    Operations and Monitoring
    Change and Configuration Management

Here you see Microsoft Best Practices Advice for your SQL environment, but It’s also helping you to get the job done if configuration is needed
like in this example :

OMS SQL Recommendations

Here we get advice about Backup settings

OMS Recommendation

In this recommendation there is also a link to Recovery Models (SQL Server) to help you out

So Before your New Project goes into Production state for your Customers, It’s important to get fully in Control of the best practices with #MSOMS on
your Solution.


Get Started Today with Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) here

Here you can find more Technical Documentation on MSOMS

And Follow Microsoft OMS and Microsoft MVP’s on Twitter Hashtag #MSOMS

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Onboarding #Azure VMs to Operations Management Suite (OMS) video #MSOMS #HybridCloud

You can read much more on the Microsoft Operations Management Suite Blog here :

MSOMS Blog site

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Microsoft Search Operations Management Suite logs Explained #MSOMS #HybridCloud

OMS Search log

At the core of Microsoft OMS is the log search feature which allows you to combine and correlate any machine data from multiple sources within your environment. Solutions are also powered by log search to bring you metrics pivoted around a particular problem area.
On the Search page, you can create a query, and then when you search, you can filter the results by using facet controls. You can also create advanced queries to transform, filter, and report on your results.
Common log search queries appear on most solution pages. Throughout the OMS console, you can click tiles or drill in to other items to view details about the item by using log search.In this tutorial, we’ll walk through examples to cover all the basics when you use log search.

We’ll start with simple, practical examples and then build on them so that you can get an understanding of practical use cases about how to use the syntax to extract the insights you want from the data.

When you conduct log searches in OMS, you’ll use the following techniques:

After you’ve familiar with search techniques, you can review the Search field and facet reference.

MSOMS Blog site

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Free E-book Inside the Microsoft Operations Management Suite #MSOMS #SCOM #Azure

OMS Ebook

Free e-book written by Microsoft MVPs Tao Yang, Stanislav Zhelyazkov and Pete Zerger, along with Anders Bengtsson, Principal PFE for Microsoft, some of the most active members of the OMS community.

Description: This preview release of “Inside the Microsoft Operations Management Suite” is an end-to-end deep dive into the full range of Microsoft OMS features and functionality, complete with downloadable sample scripts. This early edition is being shared with the community while final edits are being completed.

The chapter list in this edition is shown below:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction and Onboarding
  • Chapter 2: Searching and Presenting OMS Data
  • Chapter 3: Alert Management
  • Chapter 4: Configuration Assessment and Change Tracking
  • Chapter 5: Working with Performance Data
  • Chapter 6: Process Automation and Desired State Configuration
  • Chapter 7: Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Chapter 8: Security Configuration and Event Analysis
  • Chapter 9: Analyzing Network Data
  • Chapter 10: Accessing OMS Data Programmatically
  • Chapter 11: Custom MP Authoring
  • Chapter 12: Cross Platform Management and Automation

You can download the Free E-book Inside the Microsoft Operations Management Suite here

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Connect System Center Operations Manager #SCOM to Operations Management Suite #MSOMS #HybridCloud


This weekend I Have installed Microsoft System Center 2016 Operations Manager Technical Preview 4 on Hyper-V 2016 TP4 Server for my
demo environment. If you want you can download System Center Technical Preview 4 Operations Manager – Evaluation (VHD)

Making a connection from SCOM 2016 TP4 to Microsoft Operations Management Suite in the Cloud is easy to do :

Connect System Center Operations Manager to OMS


Go to Administration => Operations Management Suite => Connection => Register to OMS


Login to OMS


Select your OMS workspace and Finish.

SCOM-OMS active

SCOM Management Server is now Active in OMS 😉

Stay on top of your on-premises and cloud infrastructure from anywhere, anytime with the Microsoft Operations Management suite mobile app for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. Gain 360° view of all your workloads and servers on the go.

OMS Mobile app

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Wish you all Merry Christmas & Happy New Innovative Year 2016 !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wow a lot has happened in 2015, I don’t even know where to begin with a recap of 2015 in a Mobile and Cloud first world ! What I have learned that’s it’s all about
applications on your Mobile Phone, Tablet, or any Device to Work, Learn in any environment you want. Sharing Microsoft technology with the Community and in Education via Social media is what I love to do on a daily bases. I hope you enjoyed the information in 2015 with Microsoft Products like :

I wish you all a Healthy Life and a lot of Success in 2016 !

Microsoft is transforming Datacenters with New Technology and making Hybrid Cloud possible for your Applications.
What I personally like is the Microsoft Hololens this is something different, but very Cool to be in a Virtual Reality World with
awesome possibilities in 2016 and in the Future 🙂

Thank you Community, Followers, Microsoft Product Teams, MVP Award Program, MVP’s, Developers, ITpro’s, Students, for Sharing !

Best Regards, James van den Berg.

System Center 2016 TP4Windows Server 2016 TP4nanoserver

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