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Microsoft #OData Source for Microsoft #SQL Server 2012 #Cloud


The Open Data protocol (OData) lets you access a data source, such as a database, by browsing to a specially constructed URL. This allows for a simplified approach for connecting to and working with data sources that are hosted within an organization.

There are many OData sources available in enterprise and in cloud:
•SharePoint Foundation 2010
•SharePoint Server 2010
•SQL Azure
•Windows Azure Table Storage
•Windows Azure Marketplace
•SQL Server Reporting Services
•Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
•Windows Live

For a list of producers of OData services, see the Open Data Protocol website.

Connecting to OData sources quickly without any coding is the primary design goal of OData Source for SQL Server 2012. The OData Source component enables SSIS packages to communicate with OData sources. Developers can add the component to an SSIS package and configure it to receive data from an OData source without writing any code.

Here you can download Microsoft Odata Source for Microsoft SQL Server 2012