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Cloud Platform System portal demonstration video #CPS #PrivateCloud #Dell #Microsoft

Add cloud to your datacenter with an easy-to-deploy integrated system

The Cloud Platform System (CPS) portfolio of integrated systems provides an Azure-consistent cloud-in-a-box for your virtualized Windows and Linux workloads, accelerating your journey to cloud with a factory-integrated solution. CPS combines Microsoft’s proven software stack of Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center 2012 R2, and Windows Azure Pack, with server, storage, and networking hardware from industry leading vendors. CPS improves your time-to-value and enables a consistent cloud experience, allowing you to scale from as small as four nodes with CPS Standard to up to 128 with CPS Premium, depending on your needs.

More information about Cloud Platform System you can find here


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UPDATE Windows Server 2012 R2 Gallery Resource to deploy first party workloads in #CPS #WAPack #Cloud


  • How to deploy the Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) workload on the Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS).
  • How to deploy the Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Skype for Business, and Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) workloads on the Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS)

You can find it here in the Windows Server 2012 R2 Gallery Resource with Step-by-Step Instructions




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#Microsoft Cloud Platform System Storage Performance whitepaper #CPS #sysctr #WAPack #Cloud

CPS Rack

Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS) Rack

CPS is an integrated, ready-to-run private cloud solution for your datacenter, powered by Dell hardware and Microsoft cloud software. CPS maximizes the economic benefits of a software-designed datacenter when operating cloud services. A layer of software abstraction across the physical layers – storage, network and compute – enables separation of the fabric from the tenant services that run on top of it. Windows Azure Pack provides a consistent self-service approach that is common between Microsoft Azure and CPS. System Center provides the administrative controls and Windows Server provides the platform for virtualizing a wide range of computing services. The entire solution is pre-configured before arriving at your loading dock, offering a turnkey private cloud solution.

This paper provides an overview of storage-focused performance of a single rack CPS stamp in the following three scenarios, scaled across a deployment of tenant virtual machines (VMs):

  • Scenario 1. Boot storm: cold start of VMs.
  • Scenario 2. VM microbenchmarks: synthetic storage loads that are generated within VMs.
  • Scenario 3. VM database OLTP: simulated database online transaction processing (OLTP) using Microsoft SQL Server, run within the VMs.

Here you can download the Microsoft Cloud Platform System Storage Performance whitepaper

More information about Microsoft CPS :

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Introducing the Microsoft Cloud Platform System #HybridCloud #sysctr #Azure #WAPack #SCVMM

Video introducing the Microsoft Cloud Platform System.

Cloud-OSMore Microsoft News here

CPS Design

Unveiling The Microsoft Cloud Platform System, powered by Dell