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Thank you #Community and #Microsoft for this Awesome Year 2022! Happy Holidays

What a Year 2022!!

I like to thank you Community for Supporting, Sharing and Reading New Microsoft technologies on my Blog, Twitter, Facebook and
LinkedIn Community Groups 💗 I wish you all happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year 2023 may the Best Wishes comes true ! 🎄🥂

I’m very proud and Honored  on the Microsoft Global MVP Awards 2022-2023 !

  • MVP Award for Cloud and Datacenter Management
  • MVP Award for Windows Insiders
  • MVP Award for Azure Hybrid

Thank you Microsoft Product Groups, MVP Award Program, Windows Insider Team, Azure Hybrid Team, Windows Server and Azure Stack HCI Team for all your support, NDA PGI sessions, and for the Awesome software, Features, solutions you are building 🙂
Wish you all Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year 2023 may the Best Wishes comes true ! 🎄🥂

Here are some Great links for Reading and Sharing :

JOIN these LinkedIn Community Groups for free and Share New Microsoft Technologies Together:

Windows Admin Center Community Group

Containers in the Cloud Community Group

Microsoft Azure Monitor & Security for Hybrid IT Community Group

Azure Hybrid Community Group

Azure DevOps Community Group

What I really love is the Microsoft Tech Community platform

For Microsoft Azure Hybrid:

Azure Arc Jumpstart site

Azure Hybrid and Multi Cloud documentation

Microsoft Azure Arc Community monthly Meetup (GitHub)

Follow on Twitter for Azure Hybrid:

For Windows Insiders:

Microsoft Windows Insiders Blog

Windows Insider Team on YouTube

The Windows Insider Program Team is really active on Twitter:





Get started with the Windows Server Insider program

What’s New in Windows Server 2022

Overview of Windows Admin Center

What’s New in SQL Server 2022

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Happy Holidays and I wish you a Healthy 2021 #Azure #Cloud #MVPBuzz #Winserv #Security #Healthcare

It’s a year full of misery with the Covid-19 virus around the world. People who lose their loved one, It’s a very sad time for all of us! Microsoft technologies are still going on strong with new features in Azure Cloud Services but also supporting the people who are working in the healthcare, data analytics, Microsoft Teams for Collaboration and much more. But what I want to say to all HealthCare people over the world : THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE WORK YOU DO 👍
I have deep respect for you all !
Community, Microsoft Product Teams, MVP Lead, WIndows Insiders, I wish you and your family happy holidays and a Healthy 2021 with lot of Success! 🎄😍


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Happy Holidays and Thank you ! #MSOMS #Azure #AzureStack #Hyperv #Sysctr #HybridCloud


Thank you for following me @Jamesvandenberg
Thank you Community 😉
Thank you Microsoft
Wish you all the Best !

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Wish you all Merry Christmas & Happy New Innovative Year 2016 !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wow a lot has happened in 2015, I don’t even know where to begin with a recap of 2015 in a Mobile and Cloud first world ! What I have learned that’s it’s all about
applications on your Mobile Phone, Tablet, or any Device to Work, Learn in any environment you want. Sharing Microsoft technology with the Community and in Education via Social media is what I love to do on a daily bases. I hope you enjoyed the information in 2015 with Microsoft Products like :

I wish you all a Healthy Life and a lot of Success in 2016 !

Microsoft is transforming Datacenters with New Technology and making Hybrid Cloud possible for your Applications.
What I personally like is the Microsoft Hololens this is something different, but very Cool to be in a Virtual Reality World with
awesome possibilities in 2016 and in the Future 🙂

Thank you Community, Followers, Microsoft Product Teams, MVP Award Program, MVP’s, Developers, ITpro’s, Students, for Sharing !

Best Regards, James van den Berg.

System Center 2016 TP4Windows Server 2016 TP4nanoserver

Microsoft Azure Banner



Deploying Virtual Server into #WindowsAzure with System Center 2012 SP1 APP Controller #sysctr

App Controller provides a unified console that helps you manage public clouds and private clouds, as well as cloud-based virtual machines and services.

When you have installed Microsoft System Center 2012 SP1 APP Controller, you can install your Windows Azure subscription for managing your public cloud virtual services.
Here you can find the step-by-step installation managing your Windows Azure certificate for System Center 2012 SP1 APP Controller

From here you are ready to deploy for example an virtual machine in Windows Azure, here is the step-by-step deployment :

Deploy 1

Login screen App Controller

Deploy 2

Deploy 3

The Deployment wizard will help you step-by-step beginning with Cloud Configure…

Deploy 4

Here we select the Windows Azure Cloud for the new virtual machine.

Deploy 5

Mountainss Public Cloud is selected, go to the next step Deployment Type select an item…

Deploy 6

Here you see the Library of Windows Azure and I will deploy a Windows Server 2012 image.

Deploy 7

Configure Cloud Service

Deploy 8

Here you can create a new Cloud Service also, but I use Mountainss and Click OK

Deploy 13

Give the VirtualMachine a Name and Choose an Instance size with an Availability set.

Deploy 14

Select the Storage pool in Windows Azure

Deploy 17

For storage I created a new extra ” Cluster Disk” to the Virtual Machine

Deploy 15

Select Subnet and configure your public ports

Deploy 16

Set here your administrator credentials

Deploy 19

From here we are ready to deploy the Virtual Machine into Microsoft Windows Azure

Deploy 20

System Center 2012 SP1 APP Controller is deploying the VM into Windows Azure

Deploy 23

The Virtual Machine is deployed and running in Windows Azure

Deploy 24

Connect the Virtual Machine with Remote Desktop

Deploy 25

You Can see with Server Manager from the VM the Extra ” Cluster Disk ” we made with System Center 2012 SP1 APP Controller wizard

Deploy 27

In the Windows Azure Management Portal you see your new VM.

Deploy 28

In a view minutes your VM is deployed with System Center 2012 SP1 APP Controller and running in Windows Azure

Capture 29

Here you see the deployed Cloud Services in System Center 2012 SP1 APP Controller


A Great time at the Microsoft Global MVP Summit 2013 #MVPBUZZ #MVP13

MVP Global Summit 2013

MVP Experts Seattle

The Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2013 week in Seattle Redmond USA was Great, with all MVP’s over the World together.
Many thanks to the Microsoft organization, and the Microsoft Product Teams, They did a Great Job at the MVP Summit.
I Like to thank you Travis Wright for doing a Great Job with de System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management Team & the Server Team.


System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP,s

It was also AWESOME to meet with Great Microsoft guys at The MVP Global Summit 2013 :


At the Reception of SCCDM & Server Teams


Symon Perriman ( Technical Evangelist – Server, Virtualization & Private Cloud )
On the MVP Global Summit 2013 Party

Surface Pro

Travis Wright holding The Microsoft Surface Pro of Gordon Mckenna


Session room on the Campus in Redmond for SCCDM
( Building 43 Meeting room 1550 Shasta )

Having a Break

MVP’s Having a break between sessions

I had  realy a Great time in Seattle Redmond at Microsoft and I hope to see you guys (mates) next time !
Here you go to my skydrive in the Cloud for all the other Great Pictures of the Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2013


UPDATE : System Center User Group #SCUG meeting reschedule to April 18, 2013 #sysctr #WindowsAzure #Cloud

Hybrid Cloud datacenters

I’m giving a presentation about Microsoft System Center 2012 SP1 and Windows Azure managing Cloud Services :
Go to to register

SCUG Presentatie 18 april

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 ! #Hyperv #sysctr #WindowsAzure #SCVMM

Thank you for follow


Microsoft Cheers

Nokia Lumia 920 Wish

System Center Team 2012


WindowsAzure Team


Train mountainss

Travis Wright Thank you

Happy New Year


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System Center 2012 SP1 App Controller Beta ( #scappctrl ) and #WindowsAzure in One Console Private and Public #Cloud

Connecting a Windows Azure Subscription to App Controller

Certificates are used to set up trust between the Windows Azure management API and App Controller. This authentication allows App Controller to call on the Windows Azure API when you perform tasks such as deploying services or change configuration properties. The service certificate, or Personal Information Exchange certificate (.pfx file), contains a private key. App Controller stores this certificate in the App Controller database. Since the certificate contains the private key, you need to provide the password so that App Controller can use the private key. The management certificate (.cer file) contains only the public key, which is kept in Windows Azure for accessing the API. Windows Azure allows customers to create their own management certificates, either self-signed certificates or using their preferred certification authority (CA). By giving Windows Azure the public key and keeping the private key local, the authentication can be completed.

If you are creating a certificate, you will need to export the certificate twice—once as a .cer file, and then a second time as a .pfx file, for use in App Controller. For more information about how to create and export certificates for connections to Windows Azure subscriptions, see How to Create a Management Certificate and How to Add a Management Certificate to a Windows Azure Subscription in the Windows Azure Platform section of the MSDN Library.

Before you begin with the WindowsAzure subscription you have to make an Management X.509  Certificate  for Windows Azure.

Step by step how to make the Certicates :

First you start certmgr.msc and go to personal Certificate and make a Export for Windows Azure management.

When you saved the Certificate for Windows Azure Management, you have to upload this certificate to Windows Azure portal.

After this you have to make a secure certificate (PFX) for System Center 2012 App Controller Beta.

We need this certificate in System Center 2012 SP1  App Controller Beta.

Open System Center 2012 SP1 App Controller Beta in overview en start the Connect A Windows Azure Subscription

Give the Windows Azure Subscription a name and browse to the PFX certificate and type the password of the certificate and click on OK.

This is all you have to do to make Windows Azure Available in System Center 2012 SP1 App Controller Beta.

Get your free trail of Windows Azure here

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DOWNLOAD : #Microsoft System Center 2012 SP1 Beta VHD’s #sysctr #WindowsAzure



This Beta VHD enables System Center customers to jointly evaluate System Center 2012 and Windows Server 2012. For detailed information about each component, see the component documentation atincluded with these download files.
Feature Summary

  • Support for Windows Server 2012 RC and SQL Server 2012
  • Service Provider Foundation API to create and operate Virtual Machines
  • Support for Azure VM; migrate VHDs from VMM to Windows Azure, manage from on-premise System Center