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Happy Holidays and I wish you a Healthy 2021 #Azure #Cloud #MVPBuzz #Winserv #Security #Healthcare

It’s a year full of misery with the Covid-19 virus around the world. People who lose their loved one, It’s a very sad time for all of us! Microsoft technologies are still going on strong with new features in Azure Cloud Services but also supporting the people who are working in the healthcare, data analytics, Microsoft Teams for Collaboration and much more. But what I want to say to all HealthCare people over the world : THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE WORK YOU DO 👍
I have deep respect for you all !
Community, Microsoft Product Teams, MVP Lead, WIndows Insiders, I wish you and your family happy holidays and a Healthy 2021 with lot of Success! 🎄😍


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Happy Holidays and Thank you ! #MSOMS #Azure #AzureStack #Hyperv #Sysctr #HybridCloud


Thank you for following me @Jamesvandenberg
Thank you Community 😉
Thank you Microsoft
Wish you all the Best !

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Wish you all Merry Christmas & Happy New Innovative Year 2016 !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wow a lot has happened in 2015, I don’t even know where to begin with a recap of 2015 in a Mobile and Cloud first world ! What I have learned that’s it’s all about
applications on your Mobile Phone, Tablet, or any Device to Work, Learn in any environment you want. Sharing Microsoft technology with the Community and in Education via Social media is what I love to do on a daily bases. I hope you enjoyed the information in 2015 with Microsoft Products like :

I wish you all a Healthy Life and a lot of Success in 2016 !

Microsoft is transforming Datacenters with New Technology and making Hybrid Cloud possible for your Applications.
What I personally like is the Microsoft Hololens this is something different, but very Cool to be in a Virtual Reality World with
awesome possibilities in 2016 and in the Future 🙂

Thank you Community, Followers, Microsoft Product Teams, MVP Award Program, MVP’s, Developers, ITpro’s, Students, for Sharing !

Best Regards, James van den Berg.

System Center 2016 TP4Windows Server 2016 TP4nanoserver

Microsoft Azure Banner


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Very Proud on the 5th #Microsoft Global MVP Award for SCCDM #SYSCTR

5th MVP Award SCCDM
I’m very proud to receive the 5th Microsoft Global MVP Award for System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management (SCCDM) !
A Big Thank YOU community for following me via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and my Blog, is really appreciated 🙂
A Big Thank YOU Microsoft for all the support and PGI sessions, really Awesome working together as a Great Team 😉
A Big Thank YOU MVP Mates for sharing information with the community 🙂
A Big Thank YOU to my Family for supporting me all the way ! 🙂

2015 – 2016 will be a beautiful Microsoft year with Awesome new technologies in Windows Server 2016, Hyper-V, System Center, Azure, and we will Bring
Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to your Datacenter with AzureStack.
A lot of New Microsoft information and Great solutions for blogging and sharing with the Community on Social Media.

Ninja Cat Animation

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 ! #Hyperv #sysctr #WindowsAzure #SCVMM

Thank you for follow


Microsoft Cheers

Nokia Lumia 920 Wish

System Center Team 2012


WindowsAzure Team


Train mountainss

Travis Wright Thank you

Happy New Year


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UPDATE : #Microsoft Integration Packs for System Center 2012 – #Orchestrator #SC2012 #SCVMM2012

System Center 2012 – Orchestrator includes over 41 built-in workflow standard activities that perform a wide variety of functions. You can expand Orchestrator’s functionality and ability to integrate with other Microsoft and third-party platforms and products by installing integration packs. Integration packs for Orchestrator contain additional activities that extend the functionality of Orchestrator.
You can download integration packs from the Microsoft Download Center. Each integration pack has a guide that provides installation instructions, describes any known issues, and includes reference information for all of the activities supported by the integration pack.
Microsoft provides integration packs for all of the System Center products, as well as other Microsoft and third party products and technologies.

UPDATE :  System Center 2012 – Orchestrator 2012 Component Add-ons and Extensions DOWNLOAD HERE

The following integration packs are available:

Active Directory Integration Pack for System Center 2012 – Orchestrator

HP iLO and OA Integration Pack for System Center 2012 – Orchestrator

HP Operations Manager Integration Pack for System Center 2012 – Orchestrator

HP Service Manager Integration Pack for System Center 2012 – Orchestrator

IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Integration Pack for System Center 2012 – Orchestrator

VMware vSphere Integration Pack for System Center 2012 – Orchestrator

Integration Pack for System Center Configuration Manager

Integration Pack for System Center Data Protection Manager

Integration Pack for System Center Operations Manager

Integration Pack for System Center Service Manager

Integration Pack for System Center Virtual Machine Manager

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Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2012 Release Candidate download Available

You can download System Center Orchestrator 2012 RC version here :


Download additional System Center 2012 products with our single download experience.

The System Center Orchestrator 2012 Release Candidate provides the capability of automation of workflows (Runbooks) across other System Center and 3rd party products. These runbooks are created in the Runbook Designer, deployed via the Deployment manager and run and monitored locally or remotely via the Orchestrator Console.
Feature Summary:
As part of the release candidate we have delivered the following features:

  • Install Experience
    • Improved prerequisite checks
    • Implementation of Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), error reporting and interface with Microsoft Update
    • Allow user to log on as a service and select different service accounts for each service
    • Design Improvements( Error handling, port # for DB, increased logging, enabling log on as a service automatically)
    • UI Consistency between other System Center components
    • Time bomb(easy conversion from EVAL to licensed SKU)
  • Security improvements
    • Encryption of DB connection
    • Encryption/decryption of passwords
  • Globalization
    • Unicode capable
    • Convert SSH to Unicode
  • Web service
    • Versioning
  • Orchestration Console
    • Browse events
    • View events
    • UI Updates
  • Bug fixes across all product features

The System Center Orchestrator 2012 Integration Toolkit contains wizard-based utilities for creating new activities and integration packs for System Center Orchestrator 2012. It also allows developers utilizing the Orchestrator SDK to create new custom integration packs for System Center Orchestrator 2012.
Feature Bullet Summary:
Orchestrator Integration Toolkit

  • Rebranding, security enhancements, new generic activity icons
  • Wizards can upgrade 6.3 activities and IPs to be compatible with Orchestrator
  • Fixes issues with upgrading IPs multiple times
  • Fixes issues with DLL / dependent file conflicts among different IPs

The System Center Orchestrator 2012 Release Candidate Integration Packs provides the capability to interface and control other existing System Center products through custom activities which are used to create runbooks.
System Center products supported:

  • System Center 2007 Operations Manager
  • System Center 2010 Service Manager
  • System Center 2008 Virtual Machine Manager
  • System Center 2010 Data Protection Manager
  • System Center 2007 Configuration Manager

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Getting Started with Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2012 and SCVMM proces

This screencast shows how orchestrator can work with System Center Virtual Machine Manager to create process around management of VMs.

Get your proces automated with Microsoft Opalis or in the nearby future with System Center Orchestrator 2012

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All Microsoft Virtualization video from Data Center to Desktop

Here is a link to the Microsoft site where you can see all the virtualization solution videos of Microsoft.

Watch these free videos to learn more about Microsoft Virtualization whenever and from wherever you want—just click, listen, and learn. Start by clicking the picture above to learn more about the videos. You can then stream it or download to view offline.


Microsoft Integration Pack Opalis for System Center Virtual Machine Manager

This topic is about integration pack Opalis for System Center Virtual Machine Manager to automate the virtual environment on Hyper-V.

The Integration Pack for System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) is an add-in for Opalis Integration Server 6.3 and is
included in the Opalis 6.3 download.

The Integration Pack enables you to automate the following activities:

– Manage the self-service virtual machine library
– Create virtual machine resources such as disks, virtual hard disks (VHD)s, and network adapters, as needed
– Create virtual machines from templates, VHDs, and from other virtual machines (modifying disk and network resources if needed)
– Modify existing virtual machines
– Turn on and shut down virtual machines in batch mode
– Restart virtual machines
– Move virtual machines to a new host to manage availability and performance
– Create and restore virtual machine checkpoints

Virtual Machine Manager Integration Pack activities:

– Create Checkpoint
– Create Disk From VHD
– Create Network Adapter
– Create New Disk
– Create VM from Template
– Create VM from VHD
– Create VM from VM
– Get Checkpoint
– Get Disk
– Get Network Adapter
– Get VM
– Manage Checkpoint
– Move VM
– Remove VM
– Repair VM
– Resume VM
– Shut Down VM
– Start VM
– Stop VM
– Pause VM
– Update Disk
– Update Network Adapter
– Update VM

The Name System Center Opalis will be called in the nearby future :

You can find more information about Opalis here