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UPDATE Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer Tool #Azure #Storage #Cloud

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What’s New in Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer Tool version 0.8.9 :

  • New
    • Storage Explorer 0.8.9 will automatically download the latest version for updates.
    • Hotfix: using a portal generated SAS URI to attach a storage account would result in an error.
    • You can now create, manage, and promote blob snapshots.
    • You can now sign in to Azure China, Azure Germany, and Azure US Government accounts.
    • You can now change the zoom level. Use the options in the View menu to Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Reset Zoom.
    • Unicode characters are now supported in user metadata for blobs and files.
    • Accessibility improvements.
    • The next version’s release notes can be viewed from the update notification. You can also view the current release notes from the Help menu.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed: the version number is now correctly displayed in Control Panel on Windows
    • Fixed: search is no longer limited to 50,000 nodes
    • Fixed: upload to a file share spun forever if the destination directory did not already exist
    • Fixed: improved stability for long uploads and downloads
  • Known Issues
    • While zoomed in or out, the zoom level may momentarily reset to the default level.
    • Quick Access only works with subscription based items. Local resources or resources attached via key or SAS token are not supported in this release.
    • It may take Quick Access a few seconds to navigate to the target resource, depending on how many resources you have.
    • Having more than 3 groups of blobs or files uploading at the same time may cause errors.

You can download the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer Tool here




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I'm Microsoft Architect and ICT Specialist and Microsoft MVP System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management

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