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Here is a summary of System Center Virtual Machine Manager New Features from the SCVMM Blog :

Platform Vision & Strategy (6 of 7): What’s New in System Center for Management

  • Great for an all up view across System Center
  • VMM content starts at 26:40

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager: Technical Overview and Roadmap

  • Overview of features recently available through URs and the Operations Management Suite as well as roadmap and announcements about vNext.


  • Initial management of VMware 5.5 in 2012 UR6

vNext announcements:

  • Bare metal ease of use improvements
  • Rolling upgrade support
  • Improved Diff Disk management
  • Simplified logical switch creation and deployment
  • Guarded host and shielded VM support
  • Storage replication automation with ASR
  • Improved Storage Monitoring with SCOM
  • Software load balancer and network controller support
  • CDN support for guests
  • SOFS with Storage Spaces Direct and with SAN storage automation
  • Storage QoS policy management


  • User voice
  • Azure view in UR6
  • Capacity management with the Microsoft Operations Management Suite
  • Disaster Recovery using Azure Site Recovery
  • Rolling upgrade
  • Spaces Direct

Managing and Securing the Fabric


  • Shielded VM support in VMM
  • Mixed mode cluster support in VMM
  • Cluster rolling upgrade orchestration through VMM


  • Creating a shielded VM
  • Creating a shielded VM template
  • Configuring a guarded host
  • Cluster rolling upgrade orchestration through VMM

Managing Storage with Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager: A Deep Dive


  • Hyperconverged block storage management
  • Managing Scale-out File Server backed by SAN
  • Deployment and management of Storage Spaces Direct
  • Site to Site Disaster Recovery with Azure Site Recovery
  • Site to Azure Disaster Recovery with Azure Site Recovery and NetApp NPS

Deploying Hyper-V Network Virtualization

  • Great overview of HNV Networking
  • Why deploy network virtualization?  Value proposition behind deploying network virtualization in the datacenter.
  • How to prepare your infrastructure for network virtualization.
  • Isolating network traffic and configuring QoS.
  • Detailed explanation of the various HNV Gateway roles
  • Configuration of Multi-tenancy in the Gateways and Firewall requirements
  • Integrating HNV Gateways with your infrastructure
  • Insider tips and tricks for making network virtualization really perform


  • Step-by-step deployment of HNV Networks including NVGRE Gateways!
  • Setup Logical Networks
  • Setup Static IP Pools
  • Create and configure Logical Switches and Port Profiles
  • Logical Switch Deployment
  • Deployment and configuration of Windows Server 2012 R2 NVGRE NAT Gateway.
  • Hidden tips and gotchas with HNV Network Deplyoments
  • HNV Diagnostics PowerShell script for validating HNV Gateway deployments and troubleshooting configuration and connectivity issues included in the presentation deck!


Jonobie Ford | Senior Program Manager | Microsoft

Thank you Jonobie for this summary of System Center Virtual Machine Manager Overview 😉


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I'm Microsoft Architect and ICT Specialist and Microsoft MVP System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management

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