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This Blogpost is about Deploying Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Manager to replicate and failover virtual machines on Hyper-V host servers that are located in System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) clouds. It’s not Microsoft Hyper-V alone protection anymore, they have managed to protect VMWare and Physical Servers on Primary Sites too.

SCVMM to AzureSCVMM 2012 R2 to Azure



ASR Start Configs

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Quick Start

On April 30, 2015. You could choose from the Quick Start page the following configurations :

  • Between an On-Premises VMM Site and Azure
  • Between Two On-Premises VMM Sites
  • Between an On-Premises Hyper-V Site and Azure
  • Between Two On-Premises VMWare Sites
  • Between Two On-Premises VMM Sites with SAN Array Replication.

I choose the first one, Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager RU6 and Microsoft Azure.
Before we begin :  information about Azure Site Recovery prerequisites and supported scenarios. 

When Your Microsoft Azure Subscription is Active and you have created a Storagepool in Azure, you can follow the next step.



Quick Create a Site Recovery Vault by giving it a Name and choose a Region


This is my Azure Site Recovery called HybridCloud

From here start the Quick Start Page of your Azure Site Recovery Vault by clicking on



Choose option

I Choose for SCVMM to Azure


Just Click on the links for a Registration key and the SCVMM Provider Software

ASR3ASR4Click on Install


Set the Proxy settings when you behind an Proxy Server


Browse to your downloaded Registration key of the Azure Site Recovery


Give the directory path for the Certificate


Registration software in SCVMM is completed


Here you see your SCVMM Server in the Azure Site Recovery Vault


In System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager RU6 is ASR also Active

Next Step is to install the ASR Agent on Hyper-V :

ASR Agent 1a

Choose your Cache Location with Enough Storage

ASR Agent 2

Set your Proxy Settings and Click Next

ASR Agent 3

Click Install

ASR Agent 4

Click on Proceed to Registration

ASR Agent 5

Next Step in Virtual Machine Manager

If you don’t have your Virtual Machines in a SCVMM Cloud, you have to make Cloud(s) with Virtual Machine Manger.
The next step is to make a Cloud if you don’t have any.

Create Cloud


Give your Private Cloud a Name and Mark the Checkbox for ASR Protection


Select your Resources


Choose the right network


Click Next


Choose the right Storage pool(s) for this Cloud


Check the Summary and make your Private Cloud with SCVMM


When you have a VM in your Cloud Click on Manage Protection


Select the Replication settings


The SCVMM Cloud is in the Azure Recovery Site


Configure now the network Maps

MAP Network

Map the Azure VNET to your Local Network

When you protect the Virtual Machine you will see this in Azure :

Saving 1

And after this Hyper-V Replica to Azure is replicating the VM to the Microsoft Cloud :

Saving 2

When the Sync is completed we can make an Azure Recovery Plan :

Recovery Plan

In my Next blogpost I will write more about Microsoft Azure Recovery Plans.


The Latest (april 2015) Azure Team Blog information about Microsoft Azure Site Recovery you can find it here

Author: James van den Berg

I'm Microsoft Architect and ICT Specialist and Microsoft MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management

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