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Microsoft Update Rollup 6 for Windows Azure Pack & Websites v2 Available #WAPack #SCVMM #Cloud

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UR6 WAPack

Issues that are fixed in this update rollup

    • Issue 1

      Adds support for Webjobs in Windows Azure Pack Websites.

      Symptom Tenant users cannot set up and run background tasks to perform batch jobs that are related to their websites. The Windows Azure Webjobs functionality is not supported in the Windows Azure Pack (WAP) Websites Resource Provider.

      Resolution Tenant users now have access to this functionality through the WAP Websites Resource Provider. This functionality is enabled through the Administrator site when you configure a plan and make it available to tenants in the Tenants site. With this functionality, creation Webjobs creation can be run manually or continuously in the background.

    • Issue 2

      Adds support for Deployment Slots in Windows Azure Pack Websites.

      Symptom Tenant users cannot deploy to slots other than their production slot in a WAP Websites environment. The Slots or Staging environments for Websites that are currently available in the public Azure Web App Service is not available in the WAP Websites Resource Provider.

      Resolution Tenants can now use deployment slots that are associated with their websites. Web app content and configuration elements can be swapped between two deployment slots. This includes the production slot.

    • Issue 3

      Adds support for Virtual Machine Checkpoint.

      Symptom Tenant users cannot create a checkpoint of the current state of a virtual machine (VM) through the VMM/SPF Resource Provider.

      Resolution Tenants can now create a checkpoint of a virtual machine and restore it when this is necessary. This differs from the regular VM Checkpoints in that only a single Checkpoint can be created, and every time that a Checkpoint is created, the previous one is overwritten.

    • Issue 5

      Adds support to maintain Data Consistency between the SQL Resource Provider configured properties for resources (such as databases, resource pools, and workload groups) with the actual provisioned resources on the SQL Server Hosting server (or servers). This allows for the detection of differences of the SQL Resource Provider configuration data after administrators directly change the SQL Server computer.

      Symptom SQL Server RP configuration data may become unsynchronized with the actual resources that are deployed in the target Instances of SQL Server. This issue occurs if changes are made directly to the servers and not through the WAP SQL Server RP.

      Resolution There’s a new set of RESTful API calls that enable the resynchronization of the SQL RP configuration data with the actual state of the target SQL Server.

    • Issue 6

      Compatibility with the next version of Windows Server:

      • New UI artifacts are for review only; they do not have complete functionality behind them.
      • Dependency on the URL Rewrite IIS Module has been removed.
    • Issue 7

      Fixes several SQL Server Resource Provider issues:

      • An incorrect error message is displayed when database creation fails because total server capacity is exceeded by the consumption defined in the plan.
      • The Get-MgmtSvcSqlResourcePoolByTemplate command does not provide the expected output when it is provided with an invalid RG template ID.
      • A tenant can delete any unmanaged database by guessing its name.
      • Tenants cannot increase the size of their databases even after the administrator increases the quota for the plan.

                  Issue 8

    • A range of minor fixes

Here you can download Update Rollup 6 for Windows Azure Pack

UR6 WAPack Websites v2

Update highlights

This release introduces a new interactive installation, upgrade, and offline installation process that addresses user feedback about the original process. A new Windows Azure Pack Web Sites Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in is included in this update. This updates offers functionality that was previously available only through Windows PowerShell commands. In addition, the MMC snap-in can be used to perform clean installations on a stand-alone or preconfigured file server and to configure a secondary controller.

New features

Update Rollup 6 for Windows Azure Pack Web Sites version 2 adds the following new features to the platform:


Important changes

  • By default, SSL Version 3 is disabled. For more information, see How to enable SSL v3 in Windows Azure Pack Websites


  • IP SSL functionality has new UI capabilities. However, some elements will not be upgraded. For more information, see IP SSL Changes in Windows Azure Pack Websites Version 2 Update 6


    If you implemented IP-based SSL by using VIP mapping or local address mappings with IPv6 addresses, please do not upgrade to Update Rollup 6 unless you migrate to IPv4 before you apply this update. This scenario is not supported in this update. However, it will be supported in a future update.

  • Roles have to be repaired for the following configuration changes to take effect. (This may cause the role to restart.)
    • Add/delete/update VIP Mappings
      Front Ends
    • Add/delete/update IP range for IP Restrictions
    • Upload new publishing certificate
    • Upload new default certificate
      Front Ends
  • Ports that are used by Update Rollup 6 for Windows Azure Pack Web Sites version 2 

    Because of changes to IP-based SSL, Update Rollup 6 for Windows Azure Pack Websites version 2 uses additional TCP ports for communication between roles. These changes are listed in the following table. Those changes that are displayed in bold type are new in Update Rollup 6. Before you install or upgrade, you should make sure that communication with these ports is enabled.

    Collapse this tableExpand this table
    Role Service Port
    Database Server SQL Server 1433 or a nondefault port if is configured
    File Server SMB 445
    Web Farm Framework Agent 8173
    WinRM (HTTP) 5985
    WinRM (HTTPS) 5986
    FrontEnd HTTP 80
    HTTP 443
    HTTP/HTTPS Any ports that are used in nonstandard port VIP Mappings
    Certificate Sync Service 1233
    Kudu Credential Cache Listener 1233
    WinRM (HTTP) 5985
    WinRM (HTTPS) 5986
    Management Server Web Farm Framework Agent 8173
    WinRM (HTTP) 5985
    WinRM (HTTPS) 5986
    Publisher FTP 21
    Web Deploy 443/8172
    Web Farm Framework Agent 8173
    WinRM (HTTP) 5985
    WinRM (HTTPS) 5986
    Web Worker DWAS/W3WP 80
    Web Farm Framework Agent 8173
    WinRM (HTTP) 5985
    WinRM (HTTPS) 5986
    Worker Management Endpoint 456


Issues that are fixed in this update rollup

This update fixes the following issues:

  • Issue 1

    By default, SSL version 3 is enabled in Windows Azure Pack Web Sites version 2.

  • Issue 2

    You cannot add workers from the administrator portal.

  • Issue 3

    If services are currently running when the upgrade is started, a webhosting.msi upgrade may fail.

  • Issue 4

    Controller may operate on remote servers that do not belong to the controller. This issue can be caused by stale DNS entries.

  • Issue 5

    Installation fails when Hosting or Metering databases are already present, and no useful error messages are displayed.

  • Issue 6

    You cannot  delegate IPSecurity settings for IPRestrictions to users who run the following Windows PowerShell cmdlet:

    Set-DefaultAppHostConfigSection -SectionName “system.webServer/security/ipSecurity” -OverrideModeDefault Allow

    The cmdlet seems to finish. But when an IP restriction in a site’s Web.config file occurs, a 500.19 Http response is returned when a request to the site is made.

  • Issue 7

    After they upgrade to Update Rollup 4 for Windows Azure Pack Web Sites version 2 , users cannot access usage statistics from the metering database.

  • Issue 8

    If TrustedHosts is configured by Group Policy, Windows Azure Pack Web Sites cannot configure the TrustedHosts setting. This setting is needed to communicate with the file server through Windows Remote Management.

Here you can download Update Rollupdate 6 for Windows Azure Pack Web Sites Version 2


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