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By @markrussinovich : #Microsoft Azure Premium Storage, now generally available #Cloud #Azure

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MS Standard-DS14

 CTO, Microsoft Azure :

With the introduction of Premium Storage, Microsoft Azure now offers two types of durable storage: Premium Storage and Standard Storage. Premium Storage stores data on the latest technology Solid State Drives (SSDs) whereas Standard Storage stores data on Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). Premium Storage is designed for Azure Virtual Machine workloads which require consistent high IO performance and low latency in order to host IO intensive workloads like OLTP, Big Data, and Data Warehousing on platforms like SQL Server, MongoDB, Cassandra, and others. With Premium Storage, more customers will be able to lift-and-shift demanding enterprise applications to the cloud.

Premium Storage is currently available for Page Blobs and Data Disks used by Azure Virtual Machines. You can provision a Premium Storage Data Disk with the right performance characteristics to meet your requirements. You can attach multiple disks to a VM and enable up to 32 TB of storage per VM with more than 64,000 IOPS per VM at low-millisecond latency for read operations.

Here you can see the Microsoft Blogpost and video of Mark Russinovich

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