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Microsoft Azure Automation from the Cloud #Azure #SMA

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Azure Automation

Today I was reading about Microsoft Azure Automation and got some interesting links to share with the community when you want to start with automation.

Powershell Workflow

It’s all about Powershell workflows to start with.

Windows PowerShell Workflow is a powerful solution that can gather data from and make changes to hundreds of computers every time it runs. Plan the workflow design for simplicity and efficiency. Keep in mind that the workflow can suspend itself or be suspended by users, that it can be controlled from numerous PSSessions that connect to a single server-side process, that it can survive restarts, include commands and functions that run in parallel, and that each command runs its own session.

From here you learn to write your own powershell workflow script

When you understand how Powershell workflow scripting works, Microsoft has a central  ScriptCenter where you can find all kind of scripts made by the community.
Ps. when you download a script, please test it first in your test environment before you run it in production !

Now let’s get started with Microsoft Azure Automation ! 😉

Windows Azure AutomationWhile I’m writing this blogpost, Microsoft Azure Automation is still Preview and you have to add it to your Microsoft Azure subscription.
Here you find more information getting started with Azure Automation

Automation AccountFrom here you are ready to GO for Automating your jobs in the Cloud

Here are some Awesome blogposts about Getting started with Microsoft Azure Automation and Runbooks :


Getting Started with SMA Runbooks

Automation–System Center Orchestrator Engineering Blog

Azure SMA

Azure Automation: Authenticating to Azure using Azure Active Directory

Introduction to Microsoft Azure Automation video presentation by MSFT Eamon O’Reilly & Beth Cooper at TechEd North America 2014

I wish you all a lot of success in automating those workflows in the Cloud 😉


Author: James van den Berg

I'm Microsoft Architect and ICT Specialist and Microsoft MVP System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management

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