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System Center Management Pack for HDInsight #sysctr #Azure #SCOM

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MS HDInsight monitoring

This management pack provides capabilities to discover, monitor and manage HDInsight clusters deployed either on Analytics Platform System (APS) Appliance or Windows Azure. It simplifies monitoring process for HDInsight.

In addition to health monitoring capabilities, management pack includes a custom diagram view to visualize HDInsight cluster topology. The custom view has detailed knowledge about cluster structure and the health states of host components and cluster services. That enables near real-time diagnosis and resolution of detected issues.

Important Pre-Requisite Notes:
This management pack requires 2012 or 2012 SP1 version of System Center.

Feature Summary
The following list gives an overview of the features of System Center Management Pack for HDInsight (refer to the “Guide for System Center Management Pack for HDInsight” for more details):

  • Discovers HDInsight clusters deployed on Analytics Platform System or Windows Azure.
  • Monitors HDInsight software components. This includes:
    • Topology view to visually represent HDInsight cluster hierarchy:
      • Cluster view: hierarchy view that includes all monitored clusters with their health information.
      • Two different sub-hierarchies for representing the structure of monitored clusters:
        • Host hierarchy: represents the role of each cluster node (host), its health and the health of all deployed components.
        • Service hierarchy: represents the health of each HDInsight component and the health of HDInsight service that component belongs to.
    • The ability to roll up overall health information across host and service sub-hierarchies.
    • Alerts view: view for IT operator to look at proactive monitoring alerts and take appropriate actions.
    • Dashboard views: Several carefully designed dashboards that provide the most important insights into the health and performance of the cluster, HDFS and MapReduce services.
    • Performance views: Standard SCOM views that enable visualization of Hadoop metrics at the cluster level and the level of each cluster node.
  • Provides context sensitive tasks to stop or start host component, cluster service or all cluster services at once.
  • Uses Run-as profiles to securely connect to HDInsight clusters.

You can download Microsoft System Center MP for HDInsight here


Author: James van den Berg

I'm Microsoft Architect and ICT Specialist and Microsoft MVP System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management

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