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UPDATE : Hybrid Cloud with NVGRE WhitePaper #CloudOS #SCVMM #WAPack

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HybridCloud NVGRE Update v5

This white paper is meant to show you a real world deployment of a fabric infrastructure that is supporting network virtualization with NVGRE for hybrid cloud computing, together with Windows Azure Pack.

Read this great whitepaper first when you start with Microsoft Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud computing made by my fellow MVP’s :

You can follow them on Twitter :


Kristian Nese, Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP @KristianNese
Flemming Riis, Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP @FlemmingRiis
Stanislav Zhelyazkov, Cloud & Datacenter MVP @StanZhelyazkov
Marc van Eijk, Azure MVP @_marcvaneijk
Daniel Neumann, Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP @neumanndaniel
Stanislav Zhelyazkov, Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP

You can download this Great White Paper on Hybrid Cloud with NVGRE & Windows Azure Pack here

Thank you for this real world WhitePaper guys ! 😉


Author: James van den Berg

I'm Microsoft Architect and ICT Specialist and Microsoft MVP System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management

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