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Microsoft #CloudOS : Make Hybrid Cloud with Virtual S2S VPN Gateway with #WindowsAzure #SCVMM #Hyperv


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Now we have made the Microsoft NVGRE Gateway in System Center VirtualMachine Manager for our Private Clouds :

Making a NVGRE Gateway with System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager

It’s Time to make Hybrid Cloud with a Virtual Site-2-Site VPN Gateway with Microsoft Azure.

Here is our configuration on-premisses :

Private Cloud Rack TestLAB

More information on the Config is here

To make a Microsoft Virtual Site-2-Site VPN Gateway with Microsoft Azure follow the next step-by-step guide :

Go to the Management portal of Microsoft Azure : and login with your ID.
When you don’t have a Microsoft Azure subscription you can get a Free Trail here

s2s VPN Gateway 1Go to Network and Create a Virtual Network

s2s VPN Gateway 2Here you create the following items :

  • The name of your Virtual Network in Microsoft Azure ( We called it YellowAzure Because we have also a Private Cloud called YellowTenant )
  • Select the region
  • And we Created a new Affinity Group Name called YellowAffinityGroup

s2s VPN Gateway 3

Here we set two items for the Site-2-Site VPN Gateway :

  • Our DNS Server on-premisses YellowDC01 with IP-address
  • And we mark checkbox Configure a Site to Site VPN

More information on Virtual Network Overview in Microsoft Azure is here

s2s VPN Gateway 4Here you set the following items :

  • The Name of the On-Premisses VPN Site, we called YellowTenant.
  • The outside IP-Address of your VPN Device, that’s our Microsoft RAS Server. ( Remote Access Server)
  • And you add the local address Space, in our case

s2s VPN Gateway 5Here we select the Address Space for the Microsoft Windows Azure VM’s with the subnets and Gateway range.


Up to 5 Virtual Networks are allowed per subscription and up to 5 Local Networks are allowed per subscription. Each Virtual Network can connect to only one Local Network (one gateway) but there can be multiple subnets on that Local Network for routing purposes.




s2s VPN Gateway 6

s2s VPN Gateway 7

s2s VPN Gateway 8

All the information is there to create the Microsoft Azure VPN Gateway.

s2s VPN Gateway 9

s2s VPN Gateway 10

s2s VPN Gateway 11

s2s VPN Gateway 12Creating the Gateway takes a few minutes.

s2s VPN Gateway 13

The Gateway is ready now on Microsoft Azure, go to the right site of the screen and download the VPN Device Script :

s2s VPN Gateway 14s2s VPN Gateway 15With the right VPN Device Script you connect your on-premisses VPN Device with the Microsoft Azure Gateway you just created.

s2s VPN Gateway 16

Here you can choose your VPN Device, we have a Microsoft Server 2012 R2 with RAS role active so we choose this one.

VPN Requirement List AzureMore information about Supported VPN Devices for Virtual Network you can find here

s2s VPN Gateway 17Save the file on the RAS Server.

s2s VPN Gateway 18Open Windows Powershell ISE on the RAS Server.

s2s VPN Gateway 19Open VPNDeviceScript.cfg

s2s VPN Gateway 20Select all and run script.

s2s VPN Gateway 21Done your finished.

s2s VPN Gateway 22Status Windows Azure ready to connect.

s2s VPN Gateway 23

s2s VPN Gateway 24

s2s VPN Gateway 25

The Virtual S2S VPN Gateway is active and running, we have HYBRID CLOUD.

To see this work we made a Cloud Service in Microsoft Azure by the next steps :

s2s VPN Gateway 26

s2s VPN Gateway 27

s2s VPN Gateway 28

The Cloud Service YellowAzure is made and now we are going to provision a Virtual Machine in this Cloud with our own IP-Address :

s2s VPN Gateway 29

s2s VPN Gateway 30Here you can select lot of templates, but we choose for Windows Server 2012 R2

s2s VPN Gateway 31UserName is here blank but use your local admin name and choose the Size of the VM.

s2s VPN Gateway 32Here we select our Virtual Network SubnetYellow

s2s VPN Gateway 33Here you can make your endpoints with the VM

s2s VPN Gateway 34

s2s VPN Gateway 35s2s VPN Gateway 36Here we are pinging from our Private Tenant with the YellowRAS01 virtual Server to the new Windows Azure VM

s2s VPN Gateway 37YellowAzureVM01 resource of Azure Virtual Networks.

We joined the YellowAzureVM01 Virtual Machine to the on-premisses domain and is working with servers in the private Cloud called Yellow Tenant.
Hybrid Cloud is working great with Microsoft CloudOS πŸ™‚

Author: James van den Berg

I'm Microsoft Architect and ICT Specialist and Microsoft MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management

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