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Microsoft #SQL 2014 Platform for Hybrid Cloud with #WindowsAzure


SQL-Server-2014-LogoMicrosoft will release SQL Server 2014 on April, 1 2014

Together with Windows Azure, SQL Server can help you reduce costs, lower RTO and improve your disaster recovery capabilities.

New in SQL Server 2014, Managed Backup to Windows Azure schedules, performs and maintains backups based on the activity of the data, eliminating the need for custom code and manual backups. You also gain the benefits of Windows Azure storage, which offers geographic redundancy at a lower cost than maintaining additional hardware.

Achieve high availability and faster recovery using active AlwaysOn replicas in the cloud. Now with SQL Server 2014, easily create asynchronous replicas using a Windows Azure Virtual Machine.

Also in SQL Server 2014, you can move your database files to Windows Azure while keeping your applications on-premises for bottomless storage in the cloud and greater availability. The SQL Server Data Files in Windows Azure configuration also provides an alternative storage location for your database backup files by allowing you to restore from or to Windows Azure Storage.

SQL2014 Database to WindowsAzureDeploy your Database to WindowsAzure

Backup to AzureBackup your Database to Windows Azure

Allways OnMake Allways On replica’s in the Windows Azure Cloud.

Cloud computing brings a new paradigm shift in computing and organizations continue to realize the potential cost benefits of running their database applications in the cloud with greater scale and flexibility. Microsoft SQL Server runs very well in the cloud environment—your organization can deploy SQL Server in a private cloud, hybrid cloud, or public cloud easily and can experience familiar tools for development and management. In the public cloud, you can choose to run SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machine or Windows Azure SQL Database. Microsoft SQL Server in a Windows Azure Virtual Machine provides full feature parity with on-premises SQL Server. Windows Azure SQL Database offers a strong foundation for building cloud-based relational database applications that scale out to millions of users.
More information on SQL Hybrid Cloud Scenario’s in this WhitePaper

Author: James van den Berg

I'm Microsoft Architect and ICT Specialist and Microsoft MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management

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