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#MVPBUZZ CloudOS Roadshow : System Center 2012 R2 DPM and #WindowsAzure Backup Vault Storage #sysctr

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Friday, March 7, 2014 we had a Great event at Microsoft Netherlands called MVP CloudOS Roadshow :

MVP CloudOS RoadShow 2

MVP CloudOS RoadShow 1

Here you can find the information about the MVP CloudOS Roadshow

I spoke about Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Data Protection Manager and Windows Azure Backup Storage in the Cloud of Microsoft.
Here you find the step-by-step guide for backup to Windows Azure and eliminate Tape Management :

What you need before you begin is the following :

  • A Microsoft Windows Azure subscription for the Backup Vault in the Cloud.
    When you don’t have a Windows Azure Subscription you can try it first here :Try Windows Azure
  • And On-Premisses you need a System Center 2012 R2 DPM Server with a secure Internet Connection.

First you have to make an Certificate on the DPM Server :

SDK 81

Download the SDK for Windows 8.1 here (You only need to install the SDK)

We need MakeCert.exe located in the following directory after installing the SDK kit for the Self-Signed Certificate.


Copy Makecert.exe to the DPM Server to make the Self-Signed Certificate.
CommandRun as AdminOpen Command Prompt Run as Administrator and go to the directoy where Makecert.exe is located.
Type the following command for example :

makecert.exe -r -pe -n CN=AzureBackup -ss my -sr localmachine -eku -len 2048 -e 01/01/2016 AzureBackup.cer

You can find more information about makecert.exe here

Now we have created the self-signed certificate, we will make the Backup Vault in Windows Azure :

Login on Windows Azure Management Portal :

Create Backup Vault 1Give the Backup Vault a Name and Region for the Storage and Click on Create Vault.

When the Windows Azure Backup Vault is created you can upload the self-signed Certificate.

Manage Certificate DPMUpload your certificate.

After this you have to download the Backup agent for System Center 2012 R2 DPM.

Download Backup AgentDownload agent from Windows Azure Backup Vault for the DPM Server.

When the Agent is installed go to the console of System Center 2012 R2 DPM.

DPM1Go to Management and Click on Register

DPM2Browse to the certificate

DPM3Select the self-signed Certificate AzureBackup

DPM4Fetching Backup Vaults from Windows Azure.

DPM5Select your Backup Vault

DPM6Select your proxy server for the secure Internet connection

DPM7Here you can manage your Internet Bandwidth

DPM8Set here your recovery folder settings.

DPM9Set your Encryption settings and Click on Register

DPM10DPM Registration with Windows Azure Backup Vault is Completed.

From here we can configure the protection groups with Windows Azure Backup Vault :

DPM11Edit Protection Group PG_FileVolume

DPM12Select the Shares or Disk Volumes.

DPM13Select your Online Protection Goals.

DPM14Update Group and the backup will be made to the Cloud Storage of Windows Azure.


BackupVault Azure 1Here you can see your Usage Overview in Windows Azure

BackupVault Azure 2Here you see the Registered DPM Server for the Backup Vault in Windows Azure.

Author: James van den Berg

I'm Microsoft Architect and ICT Specialist and Microsoft MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management Microsoft MVP Windows Insider Microsoft Tech Community Insider Microsoft Azure Advisor

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