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Windows Azure Pack: Windows Azure technology in your datacenter #Cloud #WAPack

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WindowsAzure Pack

Windows Azure technology in your datacenter.

Windows Azure TechnologyWindows Azure Pack: Windows Azure technology in your datacenter
The previously mentioned services run in Microsoft datacenters on the Windows Azure platform. How does this help enterprise and service providers meet their goals?
Core to delivering on the Cloud OS promise is enabling parity of application owner experiences irrespective of where the underlying infrastructure may reside; on premises, in a hosted environment, or on Windows Azure. Application parity requires ensuring that tenant end-users have uniform self-service and management experiences to consume the infrastructure needed by their application services for both Windows Azure and Windows Server environments. Enterprises and service providers are already running a sophisticated operating system, virtualization, and management platform in Windows Server with System Center on their own computing, storage, and network infrastructure in their own datacenters.
The Cloud OS vision drives consistency across Windows Azure, enterprise, and service provider environments. The Windows Azure Pack takes Windows Azure technology, developed for Microsoft datacenters built on System Center and Windows Server, and repurposes it to provide the same capabilities on a customers’ own infrastructure. Azure is a great environment for developing and testing highly distributed cloud services. As a result, Microsoft is bringing all this technology to hosting service providers as part of the technology found in Windows Server and System Center.
The Cloud OS vision offers consistency in portal, API, and select services across Microsoft, service providers and enterprises. Why is this useful? The Cloud OS vision meets the following criteria:
An enterprise-friendly, frictionless cloud
Multi-tenant IaaS based on Windows Azure

  • Usage billing
  • Automation
  • Maximizing of hardware utilization
  • Tenant choice
  • Management
  • Portal integration and branding

With Windows Azure Pack, enterprise or service providers can have Azure technology running in your datacenter today. Best of all, you can deploy these services on your current infrastructure, building on existing investments and skills.

Here you can find more information about Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server

More information on Microsoft in the Cloud Blog of Brad Anderson


Author: James van den Berg

I'm Microsoft Architect and ICT Specialist and Microsoft MVP System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management

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