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Installing and Configuring #WindowsAzure Backup agent part 2 of 2 Hybrid #Cloud

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WAB Icone

After we Created a self-signed certificate :

  • Download the Certificate Creation Tool (makecert.exe) from the TechNet Gallery.
  • Open an elevated command prompt (with Administrator privileges) and navigate to the location where makecert.exe is stored. Then type:
    makecert.exe -r -pe -n CN=CertificateName -ss my -sr localmachine -eku -len 2048 -e 01/01/2016 CertificateName.cer
    The certificate will be created and stored in the same location.
  • In the vault, click Manage Certificate to upload the .cer file that contains the public key. Note the following:
    • If you register the server you used to run makecert.exe, you can browse for the certificate using the Register Server Wizard (after installation of the agent).
    • If you want to register a server that was not used to run makecert.exe, you must export the .pfx file (containing the private key) from that server, and copy it to the server you want to register, and import it into the Personal certificate store on that server. After the import, you can browse for the certificate using the Register Server Wizard (after installation of the agent).

Certificate Upload WAB

Upload here your Created certificate for your Windows Azure Backup Vault.


Select your Certificate and the Backup Vault of Windows Azure Backup.


Click on Generate Passphrase and enter the location.


The Windows Azure Backup Agent is registering the Server in Windows Azure Backup Vault.


Now you are ready to backup and restore for this Server to the Cloud 😉

In the next view steps you see how we make a Backup Schedule, Backup Now and make a restore :

Here you see the step by step installation of a schedule Backup with Windows Azure Backup Agent :

Schedule WAB 1

Click on Next to get started.

Schedule WAB 2

Browse and select your data for the Backup Job.

Schedule WAB 3

Specify the Backup time(s)

Schedule WAB 4

Set your retention time, you can choose of 7, 15 or 30 Days

Schedule WAB 5

Confirmation of the Backup Schedule, Click on Finish.

Schedule WAB 6

The scheduled Backup Job is successfully Created.

You can also make a Backup NOW with the following steps :

Backup Now WAB 1

Click on Backup

Backup Now WAB 2

The agent is taking a snapshot

Backup Now WAB 3

Backup is running and data is transferring to Windows Azure Backup Vault.

Recovery Point in WAB

The recoverypoint is made in Windows Azure Backup Vault.

The most important thing of a backup is that you can restore your data 🙂

Here you have the step by step procedure of restoring your data from Windows Azure Backup Vault (Cloud) :

Restore WAB 1

Specify the Server for restore.

Restore WAB 2

Click Next for Browsing for Files to Select for Restore.

Restore WAB 3

Select your date of the recovery point.

Restore WAB 4

Select the items to recover.

Restore WAB 5

Select the destination for the recovery job.

Restore WAB 6

Confirmation of the recovery Job, Click on Recover.

Restore WAB 7

The Recovery Job is transferring the selected data from Windows Azure Backup Vault.

Restore WAB 8

The Restore Job is successfully restored and I have my Photo’s back 🙂

Author: James van den Berg

I'm Microsoft Architect and ICT Specialist and Microsoft MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management

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