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Working with #Microsoft Windows Server 2012 #Hyperv Replica part 1 of 3

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Hyper-V Replica provides asynchronous replication of Hyper-V virtual machines between two hosting servers. It is simple to configure and does not require either shared storage or any particular storage hardware. Any server workload that can be virtualized in Hyper-V can be replicated. Replication works over any ordinary IP-based network, and the replicated data can be encrypted during transmission. Hyper-V Replica works with standalone servers, failover clusters, or a mixture of both. The servers can be physically co-located or widely separated geographically. The physical servers do not need to be in the same domain, or even joined to any domain at all.

Installing Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Replica

On the second Hyper-V server which you want to use to replicate virtuals to enable the server as a replica server under Hyper-V Settings. For our test environment we use HTTP. For a production environment use HTTPS.

Specify the primary server details

Make sure appropriate firewall ports are open

Choose on the primary Hyper-V server the virtual you want to replicatie

In the next part 2 of 3 I will be talking about Hyper-v replica Planned Failed over of a Virtual Machine.

Hyper-V Replica Overview on Technet Library


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