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#Microsoft Windows Server “8” Beta and #SCVMM2012 Controle…….

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The looks and feels for Controle in Windows Server “8” Beta are Much better in view and easy to use.

In one view you see that there is a Service problem on your Server.

Just Double Click on the Red Services and you see the problem :

This was a failed Services, only right click on the services to restart.

For trouble shooting and performance in Windows Server “8” Beta is all looking better :

You can filter on the processen by Selecting them, here you can see that for SCVMM2012 and SQL2012 Server.

Memory usage for applications and services looks like this :

Here you can see on the Windows Server “8” Beta Hypervisor, the memory usage of SCVMM Console but also of the VirtualMachine Viewer.

By Filtering you can see the Memory Usage of the Services of SCVMM2012 and SQL2012 Server.
The views and the controles are easy to use on Windows Server “8” Beta


Author: James van den Berg

I'm Microsoft Architect and ICT Specialist and Microsoft MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management

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