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Microsoft System Center App Controller 2012 Beta download available

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Download System Center App Controler 2012 Beta here :


Download additional System Center 2012 products with our single download experience.

System Center App Controller 2012 beta provides a common self-service experience across private and public clouds that can help you:

  • Easily configure, deploy, and manage services through a highly intuitive service-centric interface, while using a library of standard templates
  • Create, manage, and move services using a web-based interface that presents a customized view of resources based on your role in the organization
  • View private and public cloud services in a single view and get granular control of application components at each layer


System Center App Controller 2012 delivers the following benefits:

Self-service Application Management Across Private and Public Clouds
Using System Center App Controller 2012, datacenter administrators can flexibly delegate a customized, role-based view of your private cloud services (deployed on Virtual Machine Manager based infrastructure) and Windows Azure services, thus allowing you to easily manage them yourself. App Controller 2012 also enables you to move applications and components fluidly within public and private cloud environments.

Easy Deployment and Operations for Your Application Services Through a Highly Intuitive Service-centric Interface
App Controller 2012 enables you to design, build, configure, and deploy services using a library of delegated templates with predefined configuration values. Your datacenter administrators can assign to you the required authority to deploy applications, confident in the knowledge that these predefined service templates will be compliant with company IT standards and policies.

Visibility and Control with Unified Console Across Private and Public Cloud Resources and Applications
App Controller 2012 offers consolidated views of your private and public cloud services, including the virtual machines that represent those services. It also empowers you with granular control and visibility into application components, along with the ability to track on-going jobs and maintain a detailed history of changes.



Author: James van den Berg

I'm Microsoft Architect and ICT Specialist and Microsoft MVP System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management

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